You Paid For It

  Water tunnel system built in 1920s undergoing $4.3M in repairs

A multi-million dollar project is in the works involving the Edisto River-Goose Creek Tunnel, which starts near Givhans Ferry State Park in Dorchester County and is buried under suburban and rural parts of the Lowcountry.

You Paid For It: $360K of accommodations taxes funding PGA shuttle system

  You Paid For It: Lunches for Lab Workers

  Tax filing tips from the IRS

  Williamsburg Co. School District tapping into program to hire teachers from abroad

  Local school districts pay $4,000+ per TFA teacher recruited

  State treasurer calls Teach For America a ‘financial boondoggle’ for S.C. taxpayers

Continued Coverage

  You Paid For It: Repairs made to King Street after brick archway collapses

  You Paid For It: Construction to start soon on new pedestrian bridge in McClellanville

  You Paid For It: Charleston Co. schools spent millions protecting students, faculty from COVID-19

  Charleston Co. Schools spends $1.2 million on virtual academy they may not fully use

  You Paid For It: New yard waste process should save county money

  You Paid For It: New water well in Awendaw coming soon

  You Paid For It: New healthcare company for Charleston County inmates

The Charleston County jail is working with a new health care company to treat sick inmates.

  You Paid For It: COVID costs for local cities and counties

Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves and face shield are some of the top expenses for our local counties and cities during the ongoing crisis.

  You Paid For It: Calhoun statue removal

Construction crews removed the statue of John C. Calhoun from downtown Charleston's Marion Square two days ago.

  Billions in USDA grants distributed to farmers, ranchers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has given billions of dollars in CARES Act money to farmers who are struggling during the pandemic.

  Local hospitals receive $84M federal funding so far

  You Paid for it: $65M CARES Act funding to SC DSS for kids and families

  You Paid For It: CARES Act Funding for Charleston County

  You Paid For It: Update on REAL IDs

  You Paid For It: Port security grants

  You (Helped) Pay For It: New Children’s Hospital

  You Paid For It: Councilmember salaries throughout S.C.

Our local elected county council members make an average of $16-17,000 in pay every year, according to numbers published by the South Carolina Association of Counties.

  You Paid For It: City security up for bids

The City of Charleston is soliciting bids for security guards in several city buildings.

  You Paid For It: Chas. County recycling center

The MRF, the Materials Recovery Facility that’s under construction in Charleston County, will be even bigger than initially announced. Originally planned for 57,000 square feet, county leaders say it will now be around 65,000 square feet.

  You Paid For It: Traffic Congestion Study of Hwy. 17

As Charleston grows, county engineers say traffic is only going to get worse and they’re working now on a plan for that future congestion.

  You Paid For It: Replacing James Island PSD’s oldest fire station

Construction is underway to replace the busiest and oldest fire station in James Island’s Public Service District.

  You Paid For It: Repairs for the storm-damaged Moncks Corner DMV

The Moncks Corner Department of Motor Vehicles office shut down after heavy wind and rain ruined the inside of the building on the Fourth of July.

  You Paid For It: Police tasers lease

When it comes to police equipment, tasers are relatively new to officers’ hips compared to guns or batons.

  You Paid For It: Hurricane Debris Clean-up

It’s been nearly two months since the powerful Hurricane Dorian had a deadly impact in the Bahamas and caused quite a mess here in the Lowcountry.

  You Paid for It: Classroom supplies

The state budgeted $17.4 million this year to help more than 53,000 public school teachers statewide buy classroom supplies.

  You Paid For It: 86 new CCSD websites, mobile app

Charleston County schools launched a new way to communicate with students and parents through a total website makeover.

  You Paid For It: State-funded Pre-K

Pre-kindergarten programs help kids improve social and academic skills and can even help reduce future crime, according to the National Education Association.

  You Paid for It: Charleston introduces ‘Bigbelly’ trash cans

The City of Charleston is excited to introduce new Bigbelly trash cans throughout downtown.

  You Paid For It: Community funds Back-To-School Festival in Berkeley County

The OneBerkeley Initiative raises money all year long to support education in Berkeley county.

  Live 5 Investigates: Medical records listed on auction site

The reality show Storage Wars gives you a peek at what happens when people renting storage units fail to pay the bill.In South Carolina, if a storage unit renter doesn’t pay the bill for 30 days, facilities can start the auction process.

  You Paid For It: New Park-And-Ride option in N. Chas

The white paint still looks fresh on the parking lot, which is already full of cars. A new Park-and-Ride facility is now located off Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

You (Didn’t) Pay For It: VW Settlement funds propane school buses

Several state school districts are getting new propane-fueled school buses worth more than $100,000 each.

  You Paid For It: School grants to help trauma patients

Teachers are expected to educate students, discipline them and keep them safe.

  You Paid For It: Berkeley County raises

Berkeley County’s Council voted to approve some big raises this year.Some employees are now getting as much as thirty and forty percent more in their paychecks.

  You Paid For It: Water main repairs, testing

People who live in St. George were told three times last month they needed to boil their water before drinking or cooking with it.

  You Paid For It: $950k in school travel over three months

Three local school districts spent nearly a million dollars total in travel at the end of the school year.

  You Paid For It: Cypress Gardens

After devastating flooding, Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner was closed for more than three years.

  You Paid For It: July 4th patrols, security

Local law enforcement officers were set to work overtime Thursday night to make sure families are safe as they celebrate the Fourth of July.

  You Paid For It: Lowcountry Fireworks events

Cities and towns across the Lowcountry will fire up more than $118,000 worth of fireworks over the next two days.

  You Paid For It: Sewage divers clearing out wipes

Hundreds of pounds of solid waste, mostly wipes, is clogging up parts of the Charleston Water System. This week, specialized divers were hired to dig deep to clear out the pumps.

You Paid For It: Self-checkout kiosks at libraries

Community libraries are expanding and upgrading all over Charleston County, thanks to a $108.5 million bond referendum voters approved in 2014.

  Cost and locations for sunscreen dispensers

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, and research suggests one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

  You Paid For It: Firefighter breathing kits

The breathing mask a firefighter wears is one of the most important parts of his or her uniform.

You Paid For It: Upcoming fireworks shows

While this Memorial Day weekend marks one of the busiest holidays of the year, Isle of Palms City Council is already looking ahead to Fourth of July celebrations.

  BCSD releases six months worth of documents at center of finance report investigation

After months of telling us it simply wasn't possible, the Berkeley County School District has released six months worth of documents at the center of a Live 5 investigation.

  You Paid For It: Local mosquito control

There are more than 60 different species of mosquitoes in South Carolina, and DHEC reports more than 60 local mosquito control programs in South Carolina.

  You Paid For It: Firefighter wellness

Firefighters have one of the highest rates of injuries and illness of all occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

  You Paid For It: $290k ‘crime-fighting’ commode

A trendy new toilet turned up at a park off Riverland Drive on James Island. And the people who developed that restroom claim it fights crime, too.

  You Paid For It: CCSD teacher recruitement event

As the state of South Carolina faces an extreme teacher shortage, the Charleston County School district is taking action to fill classrooms, with a recent recruiting event.

  You Paid For It: How DOT prioritizes road projects

This year, the South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to spend of $417 million repaving roads.

  You Paid for It: Overdue Charleston County property taxes

Charleston County is waiting on more than $52 million in delinquent property taxes to be paid.

  You Paid For It: Charleston County budgets money to fight opioid crisis

Spending reports for Charleston County show multiple lines listed as payments for opioid treatment.

  You Paid for It: Cost of school bus transportation

This week Live 5’s series of investigations about school buses uncovered nearly ten thousand complaints in the Tri-County just this school year.

  You Paid for It: Bridge Run by the Numbers

The nation’s third largest 10k is just four days away. Emergency workers, volunteers and Cooper River Bridge Run staff are in the final sprint.

  You Paid for It: What federal dollars for Special Olympics fund in South Carolina

After heated federal budget hearings, President Trump says the federal government will fund Special Olympics.

  You Paid For It! New library set to open in June

In just a few months, Charleston County will boast a brand new library for the first time in more than twenty years.

  You Paid For It: Tri-County housed, adopted out more than 20,000 animals

Last year, animal shelters in the Tri-County housed and adopted out more than 20,000 animals.Getting those animals off the streets and vaccinated is important for public health.

  You Paid For It: Charleston Battery repairs following Hurricane Irma

The Battery and White Point Gardens in Charleston were slammed during Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

  You Paid For It: Consumer Affairs services

Consumer watchdogs make up a very small part of our state budget, but a department accountability report shows those services are paying off for consumers in the end.

  You Paid For It: Flooding and drainage project on James Island

Flooding is a problem in many parts of the Lowcountry and there are several projects going on right now to alleviate those issues.

  You Paid For It: City wellness programs

Healthcare costs for many Americans are on the rise, and local cities are finding ways to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy.

  You Paid For It: Holiday Cheer

It’s only one week from Christmas and many are getting in the spirit. The holidays seem to really come to life when city streets and parks light up with decorations.

  You Paid For It: More than 100 price gouging complaints in SC so far

Hurricane Florence left more than flooding in its wake. The Attorney General’s office now has more than a hundred price gouging complaints to investigate, too.

  You Paid For It: Top state salaries

Who are the state's top-paid people? A look at the highest-dollar salaries in state agencies reveals 1,078 people make more than $150,000.?

  You Paid For It: Port access road on schedule to meet deadline

This week, construction workers hit a milestone building the Port Access Road: the project is now halfway complete.

  You Paid For It: Gas Tax will increase next month

South Carolina has one of the lowest gas taxes in the country, but the state will continue collecting more at the pump to help pay for better roads.