Parent Survival Guide

  Parent Survival Guide: Getting your child free tutoring help

Kids sometimes run into roadblocks when it comes to learning a particular subject.

  Parent Survival Guide: Teaching kids the value of money

  Parent Survival Guide: Getting heart healthy as a family

  Parent Survival Guide: Getting your finances in shape in 2020

  Parent Survival Guide: Setting goals as a family in the new year

  Parent Survival Guide: Finding the right pet for your family

  Parent Survival Guide: Choosing age-appropriate toys for kids

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  Parent Survival Guide: Teaching kids about gratitude and giving thanks

  Parent Survival Guide: Teaching kids the value of self-care

  Parent Survival Guide: Keeping your holiday spending under control

  Parent Survival Guide: How the time change can trigger seasonal depression

  Parent Survival Guide: Taming the sugar on Halloween

  Parent Survival Guide: Bringing more awareness to stuttering

  Parent Survival Guide: Peanut allergy treatment breakthrough

One in 100 children, roughly 1.2 million, have peanut allergies, according to local Allergist Doctor Thomas Harper.

  Parent Survival Guide: Helping your family cope with fall allergies

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change it’s not only looking a lot more like Fall but feeling like it too.

  Parent Survival Guide: Giving your children daily vitamins, supplements

According to Pediatrician Dr. Benji Rodgers with Sweetgrass Pediatrics, ideally kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet.

  Parent Survival Guide: Helping your child develop early language, communication skills

Early language and communication skills are important for a child’s success in school and beyond. Developing those skills should start early even before your child’s first birthday.

  Parent Survival Guide: Local company ranks in top 4 experience for Airbnb experiences

  Parent Survival Guide: The importance of annual sports physicals for kids

  Parent Survival Guide: The importance of yearly eye exams for kids

  Parent Survival Guide: Relieving back to school stress and anxiety

  Parent Survival Guide: Saving some green on school supplies and clothing

  Parent Survival Guide: Foods that can keep your family hydrated over the summer

Parent Survival Guide: The benefits working out together

One mom says giving children something fun to participate in and to have an appreciation for staying active is her goal.

Parent Survival Guide: Swim camp for kids with disabilities

It’s called “Swimming with the Sharks,” a three day swim camp giving kids with physical, mental, and intellectual challenges the ability to be comfortable in the water and learn how to swim at their own pace

  Parent Survival Guide: Avoiding the summer slide

Rising 3rd grader D’Khota Bachlor is enjoying his summer, but also enjoying reading some of his favorite books.

  Parent Survival Guide: Frugal fun for your family at county parks

Thanks to the Charleston County parks there are a wide range of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy all summer long and some for under 5 bucks.

  Parent Survival Guide: Inexpensive summer for the kids

Keeping kids active over the summer can sometimes prove to be a job in itself.For mother Khristy Spence the solution was simple.

  Parent Survival Guide: Not all sunscreen is created equal

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the U.S.

  Parent Survival Guide: Helping your kids learn how to manage money

According to the Program for International Student Assessment, one in five 15-year-olds in the U.S. lack basic financial understanding.

  Parent Survival: Making road trips more memorable with your family

Tackling a long drive with children comes with the task of keeping them busy. But finding engaging options to pass the time can be tough.

Parent Survival Guide: New camera called NICVIEW allows parents with babies in NICU to monitor their newborn

Nicview web cameras placed at each NICU babies at Summerville Medical Center

  Parenting Survival Guide: Using a travel agent to plan your family vacation

It was a family trip many years in the making for Ebony Jackson and her two kids, Natalie and Jayln, and grand baby Olivia.

  Parent Survival Guide: Helping your kids cope with seasonal allergies

It’s always wonderful to be able to put up the coats and bring in the spring air, unless you battle allergies.

  Parent Survival Guide: The benefits of working out together

Zoe Orechwa, 14, loves to stay active with her parents. She is a member of the cross country team at her high school and says working out with her family is not only fun but important.

  Parent Survival Guide: Buying holiday airfare for your family now

If you’re looking to make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you could be shelling out a lot of money if you wait to book a flight.