New Hybrid Economic Model Unites Capitalism and Democracy; Could it Unite Americans as Well?

Touted as 'Democracy's Version of Capitalism', New Economic platform calls upon Social Science to confirm its validity. Once approved, however, would Americans vote to implement it?
Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Third Option announced Monday that it has fashioned a platform capable of sustaining an "infinitely recyclable economy," and has called upon the social science community to confirm its "feasibility, constitutionality, efficiency and effectiveness", prior to review by the American people. According to Bob Simmons at The Third Option, this new hybrid model "is the least invasive solution possible, eliminates all the systemic flaws in the current system, and costs one-tenth what government currently spends annually."

We Are Bringing Back Hamilton’s National Bank. The Third Option will use it to advance...
We Are Bringing Back Hamilton’s National Bank. The Third Option will use it to advance Democracy’s Version of Capitalism, so both Democracy and Capitalism can finally A) be themselves, B) get along, and C) work seamlessly together.(PRNewswire)

"Social Science, Capitalism, and Democracy are all at a crossroads. Capitalism believes it doesn't need the other two, and if successful in eliminating them, will ironically destroy itself in the process. Only with Democracy as the foundation can all three remain valuable and necessary." Social science budgets are constantly under threat of being cut, and government programs of being 'privatized', but in this new model, analyzing socioeconomic and political structures would become essential in a process designed to improve our institutions.

The central feature of this model –America's original First Bank of the United States—has been resurrected to "ensure the Democracy originally promised, while better managing the version of Capitalism that developed in its absence". It does not seek to eliminate Capitalism, according to Simmons, only "Capitalism's Version of Democracy". "Democracy is not for sale; neither is Capitalism qualified to manage it...With Democracy's Version of Capitalism, both would finally do the jobs for which they are qualified."

Before this model could be implemented, Americans would need to vote for it. The Third Option believes this could happen as early as the 2024 election cycle.

About The Third Option
If we empower Democracy to realize its potential, it will in turn empower each of us to do the same. The mission of The Third Option is to bring Democracy back around to its original intention. We can get there by working together with democratically minded people from all ideological points of view, whose bottom line remains the life, liberty and happiness of all people.

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