Enthea Announces Groundbreaking Nationwide Availability of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy as an Employee Benefit

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT

Proven Effective for Mental Health Disorders, KAT Can Now Be Offered as a Health Benefit to Improve Employee Wellness & Productivity

BOSTON, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Enthea, the first and only licensed provider of health benefit plans that cover medication-assisted therapies, is delighted to announce that it now has national network capabilities and is able to serve U.S. employers nationwide. The news impacts the millions of people in the US living with mental health conditions and is a monumental step forward in providing access to this safe, effective treatment across America's workforce to improve employee wellness & productivity.

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This expansion is possible because of the growth in Enthea's existing provider network, including new partnerships with Skylight Psychedelics and Innerwell. Skylight offers onsite medicine experiences at Skylight Journey Centers nationwide as well as remotely to patients who prefer an at-home experience. Innerwell combines legal medications, a holistic team of clinicians, and data-driven coaching, all continuously optimized based on patients outcomes. Innerwell offers at-home and in-person care to patients across the country.

Businesses interested in offering KAT for employees can simply add it as an ancillary benefit, similar to dental and vision offerings. Enthea's turnkey services provide an employer with everything needed to deliver the benefit, including:

  • A nationwide network of credentialed KAT providers
  • Established Medical Policy and Standards of Care
  • Authorization of treatment and provider reimbursement for covered services
  • Education and support of employees
  • The ability to tailor plans to a company's needs

"Nationwide availability represents a pivotal moment in accomplishing Enthea's mission of helping employers with workplace mental health challenges," said Enthea CEO and co-founder, Sherry Rais. "Our services at Enthea make it easy on businesses to embrace this safe and effective treatment offering for their employees and we're proud to have the potential to impact the millions of people in the US living with mental health conditions."

Enthea's announcement comes after the company recently released news surrounding positive one year data with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Results showed that Dr Bronner's employees expressed dramatic improvement with various mental health disorders using KAT. As an example, patients with PTSD and depression showed an 86% and 67% reduction in symptoms, respectively.

"Investing in the mental health of employees is critical. Innerwell is proud to partner with Enthea to help future-thinking employers offer ketamine and other medication-assisted treatments that have lasting, transformative outcomes," said Lisa Kennedy, CEO of Innerwell. "Our team of specifically trained clinicians delivers compassionate care while our data-driven approach will help accelerate the adoption of these new treatments by proving the efficacy of these innovative modalities."

Ketamine is known to interrupt unhealthy thought patterns – and also to increase neuroplasticity, thus facilitating some positive rewiring of the brain.  "Ketamine is a very valuable tool for therapists trying to help with these disorders," noted Dan Rome, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Enthea.  "When programmed mental defenses are lowered, more patients are able to get to the root of their problems. This can result in long-term relief – and not merely symptom suppression, as is too often the case with today's conventional therapy." To learn more, visit KAT: How It Works & Why It's Different.

"Skylight Psychedelics is thrilled to join forces with Enthea," said Scott Bienenfeld, MD, Co-Founder. "Through our collaboration, we will help people overcome a variety of mental health conditions by  expanding access to cutting-edge, often life-saving treatments, such as ketamine-assisted therapy and other emerging psychedelic medicine modalities."

"The providers in Enthea's Network are critical to our mission of ensuring access to high quality and affordable ketamine-assisted therapy," stated Andrew Ninnimann, Enthea's Director of Networks and Strategic Initiatives. "We remain committed to working with companies at the forefront of innovation as it pertains to developments that are changing the mental health industry."

Enthea has a rapidly growing list of premium partners and employers that will be onboarded on a regular basis. For more information on the latest company developments at Enthea, visit www.enthea.com.

About Enthea
Enthea is a licensed, third-party administrator of health insurance benefits with a mission to provide access to safe, affordable and effective medication-assisted therapies, starting with ketamine therapy. Through Enthea benefit services, companies can cover this new and innovative treatment for their employees and families – leading to improved productivity, increased retention, lower medical costs, and a more engaged workforce. Enthea's services currently cover ketamine-based treatments and will include MDMA and psilocybin-assisted therapies as they are approved.


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