Straight from the Farm: Dean Hutto

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Dean Hutto, a seventh-generation farmer from Providence, South Carolina, cherishes his family’s farm, which has thrived for over 250 years. Together with his father, brother, and cousin, Dean cultivates row crops, including soybeans, corn, cotton, peanuts, and wheat, in a close-knit community of multi-generational family farms.

The South Carolina Soybean Board is dedicated to promoting sustainability and educating consumers. When farmers sell their soybeans. a portion of each sale is invested into the Soy Checkoff which works to increase the return on investment for U.S. soybean farmers through education, promotion, and research.

Soybean farming demands meticulous planning and crop rotation to ensure soil health. Dean follows his father’s wisdom while embracing technological advancements, utilizing RTK guidance for precise farming practices. With a planter monitor, they ensure optimal seed distribution per acre.

The planting season in mid-May requires careful consideration of soil temperature, weather, and moisture content for successful germination. Harvested in autumn, soybeans contribute to global food security, fueling Dean’s passion for his profession.

The evolving agricultural landscape presents challenges and opportunities. Dean remains committed to sustainability, maintaining arable land and supporting family farms to preserve South Carolina’s agricultural heritage.

Dean’s journey exemplifies the resilience and dedication of family farmers, honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Their impact on global food security and society remains profound. Dean hopes future generations will continue the legacy of American farmers.