Treat the Teeth you Want to Keep!


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Teeth need to be SEEN,

so don’t forget to give them a SPRING CLEAN!

Our dental policies provide TWO free cleanings a year PLUS other benefits, including…

  • BASIC Coverage (cavities) covered at 80% with NO WAITING PERIOD
  • MAJOR Coverage (root canals, crowns) covered at 50% with a YEAR LONG Waiting Period
  • Major Coverage waiting period waived with proof of valid coverage one year prior to the purchase of this plan
  • NOTE: If you are anticipating to have any “major” dental work, you will want to purchase this plan BEFORE you need it due to the year-long waiting period for these services
  • To find a dentist in network, click HERE!
  • Vision can also be purchased.
  • To learn more about all of the coverages, click HERE!
Policy Maximum for Dental Major Services$1500$3000$5000Vision
Adult Only$57/month$72/month$82/month$21/month
Adult + Spouse$114/month$145/month$165/month$35/month
Adult + Children$116/month$147/month$168/month$35-48/month

If you would like to learn about this coverage more, contact us TODAY. Or, if you like it, you can purchase the policy directly from the link above. It’s just THAT easy!


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