Clyburn praises Kennedy for healthcare reform

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Congressman Jim Clyburn was in the Lowcountry today remembering Senator Ted Kennedy and discussing healthcare reform.

"I called him the lion of the senate. He will be sorely missed," Clyburn said.

The House Majority Whip is pushing forward attempts to provide all Americans with healthcare, re-energized to see Kennedy's goals of healthcare reform become reality.

"If there's anything I can say was left undone during his 47 years, it was our inability to see his vision," Clyburn said.

For weeks Americans have rallied against the President's healthcare reform bill in town hall meetings.

"All of this debate and these misrepresentations have absolutely nothing to do with what we're trying to do with healthcare reform. We want to make it affordable, accessible, for everybody," Clyburn said.

Some area healthcare professionals say the current system isn't fair and the reform bill would fix the problem.

"If in the event a person can't provide for themselves, the government should do things in order to help them," Franklin C. Fetter Healthcare Chairman Lonnie Hamilton III said.

"The insurance company, they make too much money I think, and we are not getting enough care," oncology nurse Cherry Seabrook said.

Others agree that there are problems with the healthcare system, but at this time the new bill isn't 100% clear.

"Big question is how are we going to pay for it? Because we are clearly already running up a large debt," MUSC School of Medicine Dean Dr. Jerry Reves said.

The lunch where Clyburn spoke was a fundraiser supporting the Sea Island Comprehensive Healthcare Corporation, a non-profit that provides health services and programs to the poor and needy.

Clyburn says he hopes the country will be able to push healthcare reform by year's end, but he says at this time there is a sharp divide between Republicans and Democrats.

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