Man's many canes come from remnants of his burned home

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - In November of 2007, Chuck Troiani's Shadowmoss home caught fire and burned. "I said lets take something bad and make it into something good," said Troiani.

So now Troiani is using the wood for his floors to make free walking canes.

"The wood I'm using for the canes was wood in the garage that's the only part of the house that wasn't damaged," said Troiani.

His woodworking tools also survived the fire.

Then a few months ago Troiani started a project called  "Cane I help You?" creating the canes and giving them away to people  who need them, like Hilda Jefferson.

"I'm appreciative and it's something I really need and it's useful especially in the house," said Jefferson.

So far he's created about 50 canes and he has enough wood for at least 50 more.

Troiani says it takes 10 hours to turn out 20 or 30 canes and the great thing about this project is that people can go to his workshop and create a cane for someone, turning his unfortunate circumstance into something good for someone else.

"Its the need spiritually of most of us to help others," said Troiani.  The canes are distributed through word of mouth, and Troiani says he'll keep on creating them until need and the wood is gone.

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