Friend of alleged victim in Sheriff-related shooting speaks out

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SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A childhood friend of the man killed in a sheriff's deputy-involved shooting Saturday night said the ordeal is a "shocking nightmare."

"I would never think that Jason [Kastelhun] would ever hurt anybody or attempt to hurt anybody," said Woody Reifowitz, friend of the alleged victim.

Dorchester County Sheriff's deputies reported they shot and killed a man Reifowitz believes to be Kastelhun.  According to deputies,  the shooting took place around 8 p.m. Saturday.   The victim made suicidal threats and fired a personal shot gun near a Hunters Creek home, a neighborhood in Summerville.

"I have not been asleep since then," said Reifowitz by phone from his Wisconsin home.  "I don't know how I am keeping my composure."

Reifowitz says he first met Kastelhun at the age of 13.   Reifowitz said Kastelhun had no known history of violence or depression, adding that news of police involved violence comes as a shock.

"He [Kastelhun] was kind of a quiet person," said Reifowitz.  "When you got to know him, he was a good guy."

The two became fast friends, their families close, and their lives forever intertwined.  Kastelhun was a groomsmen in Reifowitz' wedding.  Reifowitz says the two talked by phone as recent as last month.

"I do not know anything that would... bring him to a suicidal point," said Reifowitz, who says he is most concerned for the Kastelhun family.  According to Reifowitz, Kastelhun was a new husband and father.

"I feel bad for his family.  His child had to wake up this morning and his dad wasn't there."

Details regarding what led up to and immediately following the shooting are under investigation. The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office said further information regarding the shooting, chiefly the positive identity of the victim, would be released at some point in the near future.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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