Hot dogs in the hot seat

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MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - According to the American Academy of Pediatrics choking is the leading cause of death and injury among children three years of age and under.

If the academy has its way, certain foods could be required to have choking hazard labels on them.

Among the foods being targeted, hot dogs.

In addition to warning labels, the academy wants the shape of the hot dog changed to make it safer for kids to eat.

"Where does it stop? Are we going to outlaw Skittles…buttons from jackets? Folks should be more involved in parenting…watching what the baby is eating," said Jack Hurley, owner of Jack's Cosmic Dogs in Mount Pleasant.

"I think America needs to toughen up. Hot dogs are meant to be eaten in a bun and they're meant to be round," said Emilio Lopez of Myrtle Beach.

Grandmother and mother Karen Schumpp was frank about the proposal.

"I think it's kind of dumb.  I do.  I know they say it's a choking hazard. You know my kids grew up on hot dogs. They had hot dogs when then were nine, ten, eleven months...they were eating hot dogs and mac and cheese," said Schumpp.

The American Academy Pediatrics has not said what the new hot dog might look like.

Hot dogs are not the only foods being targeted.

Warning labels have also been recommended for carrots, grapes and nuts.

The Food and Drug Administration plans to review the academy's recommendation.

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