Woman: 'Vandals attacked my American flag'

LANCASTER, SC (WBTV) - A Lancaster County woman is fighting mad after she says vandals hit her home, taking aim at her American flag.

Renee Bozeman says destroying her red, white and blue has her seeing red.

"It really makes me angry that somebody would do this," says Bozeman "They are despicable."

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, but say some believe the flag is simply weather-worn. But that's an excuse this proud, and very patriotic American just can't accept.

"Overnight it was ripped to shreds and I cried when I saw it," Bozeman says. "I was mortified."

Bozeman says her twin sister Roxanne, who lives in Pennsylvania gave her the flag last July.

It was a flag that Bozeman says she has hung outside her home every day since.

When Bozeman talks about the attack against Old Glory and sees the shredded remains, it makes her emotional. Never more evident than when she talks about this great American symbol.

"These tears are real; because what you did; destroyed my flag," Bozeman said while wiping away her tears. "But I swear to God, you will never destroy my American spirit. Ever."

Renee also has strong feelings about what she believes actually happened to Old Glory.

"I believe this truly is an act; a terrorist act; terrorist act against America."

Bozeman has strong words for the vandals she says would do such horrible deed.

"This is America! You love her, you respect her or you can get out."

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