Police arrest 4 for drugs, gun violations in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police seized more than 200 grams of marijuana and a gun from a North Charleston home Wednesday night, effectively shutting down a drug distribution operation.

Benjamin Bowens, Joseph Dean, Lamon A. Hamilton and E. Hamilton were arrested and charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol and possession with intent to distribute near a school.

While conducting traffic stops during the investigation of a possible shooting in the Olde Village area of North Charleston, police watched two suspects furtively remove items from a car and taken them inside a Durant Avenue home.

The officers, noting the car's headlights were still on, approached the house to inform the driver. One officer flashed his light in the car and spotted marijuana sitting on the console.

The officers knocked on the door and asked to speak to the owner of the car. With the door open, the officers could plainly see several other bags of marijuana on the kitchen counter. Bowens, Dean and the two Hamiltons were ordered out of the house and detained.

During a protective sweep of the house, officers found a digital scale and a black 9mm handgun.

The four suspects denied ownership of the marijuana and the handgun.

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