North Augusta man pleads guilty to bank robbery

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A North Augusta man was pleaded guilty to a 2006 bank robbery, the US attorney's office reported Monday.

David Jackson, 28, pleaded guilty to the June 6, 2007, robbery of the Regions Bank in North Augusta, SC, said US Attorney Bill Nettles.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Jackson was masked when he entered the bank and told a teller that this was a robbery and he wanted large bills. Jackson received over $21,000 during the course of the robbery.

Jackson was observed by several witnesses running away from the bank towards an apartment complex 2 to 3 blocks from the bank. Other witnesses saw a white compact vehicle parked near the apartment complex shortly before and after the robbery. The back window of the car had been busted out and covered with cellophane.

Investigators were able to prove Jackson drove a white Nissan with a busted back window.  Witnesses were able to identify photos of the car as being very similar to the car used on the day of the robbery. Additionally, several of Jackson's acquaintances said that he admitted to them that he had robbed the bank and they had seen Jackson with large amounts of money.

Nettles said that the case was investigated by agents of the Federal Bureau Investigation, the North Augusta Police Department and the Richmond County Georgia Sheriff's Department.

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