Food bank volunteer saves thousands of Lowcountry meals

By Jordan Smith

The Lowcountry Food Bank used to throw dented cans of food away because the food inside could be contaminated.

Thousands of cans were being thrown away each year and most of them contained good food, just in ugly containers. All it took to save thousands of these cans from being thrown away was one volunteer's idea.

Now, dented cans go to a vacuum chamber-- an idea thought up by retired engineer Richard Dabruzzi from Kiawah Island.

Dabruzzi's idea consists of sucking the air out of the chamber, which either sucks the dents out of the "good" suspect cans or squeezes the liquid out of the cans that really are contaminated.

Then the air is put back into the chamber and Dabruzzi is able to see just how many cans can be given to those in need.

Because of this idea, the Lowcountry Food Bank alone was able to save 21,000 cans of food last year.

That equals about 33,000 meals.

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