Lazy Cakes: A hot seller but raising questions

Published: Dec. 10, 2010 at 9:49 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST
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By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Have you heard of relaxation brownies? Not brownies made with marijuana, because these are legal and sold at local convenience stores.

The brownies are called Lazy Cakes. WTOC found them at the El Cheapo on Abercorn Street in downtown Savannah.

The Lazy Cakes are selling like hot cakes. At El Cheapo, they already sold out all 20 boxes in one week. Other stores are picking the product up, but what is in them that makes it so  relaxing? We took the brownies to the experts and to the streets.

To some folks, they look like your typical brownie sold at any store.

"In my hand, it look(s) like a brownie. That's what it reminds me of," one man said.

"It's a dessert. It's a cake," one woman told WTOC.

"[It's] maybe like a Little Debbie cake or something," Renee Puckett said.

Until they took a closer look at the label.

"Lazy Cakes. The original relaxation brownie," Ken Richards told WTOC.

"Lazy Cakes. Relaxation brownies. Mmmhhh. What's in it," Puckett asked.

"With the green, is it herbie?" Richards said.

"I would say so," Puckett said.

Inside the Ma's Food Mart on Habersham Street, the box of Lazy Cakes sits at the front counter for $2.99 each.

"My supplier recommended I try to sell it here. I said bring one box and see what happens," Nabit Bharucha told WTOC.

So far, the sales are not lazy at all. "I started selling them late last week and so far, more than half are gone," Bharucha said.

"At first glance, I think it is nicely labled and an innocent brownie," Dr. Jason Pope, Memorial University Medical Center told WTOC.

Pope inspected further.

"It sort of has a psychedelic feel to it. And I guess, if I were to infer, it is geared toward the crowd that is into marijuana, hemp, et cetera," he said.

The ingredients include sugar, water, eggs, chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, salt and melatonin, plus a variety of herbal extracts. They are all legal.

"It seems like your average herbal brownie that should not cause any trouble," Pope said.

Pope says melatonin is what causes the relaxation. It's natural. Your body makes it and he sees no harm in the Lazy Cakes.

"No. I think you would have to ingest a heck of a lot of this for it to be a real big issue," he said.

"The pot brownie? Sounds good. Does it have any other things in it," Puckett joked. She may even buy one.

The Lazy Cakes cost anywhere from $3 to $5, and again, they are legal.

However, the back label does have warnings. Don't use with alcohol and do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Plus, with the herbs and melatonin, Pope says the FDA does not regulate those so there is no telling how much of each are in the brownies.

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