Tips for getting your children through the cold and flu season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It is the season for the cold and flu, and if you have a little one sniffing and coughing, you may be confused about the rules these days for administering the right cough and cold medication for your child.

In 2008, the FDA, along with the major drug companies, came out with new, very straightforward guidelines. They recommend that parents do not use cough and cold medicines for children under the age of four. This advice came about after many parents were giving their children the wrong doses, or getting mixed up when giving multiple medications.

Dr. Manisha Panchal, a pediatrician, gave an example of one of these possible mix-ups. "For example they'll buy the Pediacare cough and cold because that's what their child has and then they don't realize that there was Tylenol in there and then they use the Tylenol again."

We have a few suggestions to get your child through an illness. Saline sprays work well for nasal congestion, honey is good for a cough in children older than 1 year of age, and never use any medicine that is meant for an adult when treating your child.

If the illness is not bad enough to require a call to the doctor, then it may be best to not use any medicine at all.

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