NC teen girl featured in new MTV show 'Teen Mom 2'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  A North Carolina teenager is a regular on the new show that is a spinoff of the popular MTV show "Teen Mom," which premiered Tuesday night with an all new group of moms.

The girl, Jenelle Evans, now 17,  is from Oak Island, near Wilmington, and was featured on an episode of "16 and Pregnant" in February 2010. Now, she is on the show "Teen Mom 2" which is a sister show of "Teen Mom."

In that 1 hour season premiere episode of "16 and Pregnant" in February, Jenelle was portrayed as a girl who loved going to the beach and partying with her friends. The episode showed her give birth to baby Jace, and had the alcoholic father of the child, Andrew, leave her – just 3 days after the birth of her baby boy.

Now, in the premiere of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night, Jenelle said that Andrew had only seen the child 4 times since the birth.

It was also revealed that Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, continue to feud as her mother believes Jenelle is spending too much time partying and not enough time with Jace.

The episode Tuesday showed Jenelle push her mother during an argument and Barbara threatening to call police. Later, Barbara began court proceedings to take custody of Jace from Jenelle.

Even back in 2010, Jenelle's episode of "16 and Pregnant" was filled with upheaval as she argued with her mother, who allowed her to live for free at home. Jenelle struggled between finding a balance between being a new single mom – and partying with her friends.

Ultimately in that episode, she seemed to get good advice from her friends and seemed focused on raising her baby. In the year since, it's been reported in various Hollywood media outlets that she was charged with breaking and entering and had a court date on Monday in Brunswick County, according to

Jenelle also even had to endure complaints from her neighbors: Oak Island residents have demanded that she put new muffler on her car because of the extreme loud noise from the vehicle, according to Wikipedia.

It seems that  Jenelle has a new boyfriend, who is older than her. His name is Keiffer, according to various blogs and Wikipedia.

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