Video game dangers: Is your child talking to strangers?

By Gray Hall - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – There's a good chance your child has a gaming system. But do you really know what they're up to while they're in the next room playing?

After some investigating, it was discovered that many gaming systems have online capabilities -- giving strangers access to your child. Concerned parents keep a close eye on what's played and for how long, but there's more to be watched.

The after school session on Xbox is just one side of the gaming world. Gamers say there's a darker, more intense side to gaming -- it happens when kids connect and play online.

"Nobody can see you, nobody knows you. You can say the most horrible awful things that you would never say, even stuff like sexism and racism will come out from kids that you never even had an inkling of that before," said one gamer.

Parents, if you're just concerned with violent games, another gamer says there's more to worry about. She says some players are looking for more than just competition.

"They did hit on me, they were like, so naked pics, naked pics is really what they asked for," she said.

We sat in on one of the chat sessions to see what your child could be exposed to on the other side of the headset.

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