Man arrested after police say he forced a child to have oral sex

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a North Charleston man told a child he would shoot her if she didn't give him oral sex. Explicit pictures of her were also found on the man's cell phone.

The North Charleston Police Department charged Tyrone Alexander Ancrum with criminal sexual conduct. In addition, Ancrum was charged with second-degree sexual exploitation with a minor after officers say they found nude photographs of the victim on his cell phone.

Police say from April 2010 until March of this year, the victim, now 14 years old, had been assaulted at a home in the Lakeside mobile home park of North Charleston. According to an affidavit, Ancrum admitted that "she always performed oral sex on him," and that it happened on "numerous occasions throughout the year."

The victim told police that the defendant threatened to kill her if she didn't perform, and police say she complied because she feared for her life.

Police say Ancrum also had the victim pose for sexually explicit pictures, showing her posing in her underwear and nude. Police found photos stored on Ancrum's cell phone.

A police report states that Ancrum had approached the girl and attempted to perform sexual acts on her since the incident, but the girl refused. The girl also told officers that Ancrum had attempted to touch her inappropriately and made unwanted sexual advances multiple times which the victim refused.

Executive director for People Against Rape Melonea Locklair Marek says children age 18 and under are sexually exploited every day, and in the Tri-county the organization deals with up to 500 new cases involving children a year.

"They're innocent. They're children. They don't have any say in it. Children are supposed to trust adults. You're told as a child to listen to your teachers, mom, dad, listen to the adults in your life. When that person they're supposed to trust turns on them, that's just devastating for children," Marek said.

She says the organization also goes into local schools and educates children about telling an adult they trust when they are victimized.

Ancrum is in Charleston County Detention Center with a bond of $100,000. If convicted of the offense, he could face up to twenty years in prison according to state law.

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