Military families fear shutdown may postpone paychecks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Federal Government has less than 24 hours to come to a budget compromise but the two sides remain far from a settlement. For military families in the Lowcountry a potential government shutdown may mean paychecks for active troops would be postponed.

"I'm hearing we're only going to get paid until the 8th and then after that we won't get a check," says military wife Wanda Butler.

Butler is already worrying of a possible shutdown before it's even happened.

"It's very stressful right," says Butler. "My husband's on the road and I work in skin care and a lot of my clients are military spouses so it means I could not get a paycheck. We wouldn't have money for gas, money to pay our mortgage or money to pay our car payments."

US troops will still have to report for duty but they will either see less money or may not be paid for their work at least until a settlement on the budget is reached. Once that happens, troops will receive back pay for their work during the shutdown. But for families like the Butler's any postponement will be rough.

"This is something that we shouldn't have to be worried about. We're worried about our spouses and we shouldn't have to be worried about whether we're going to get paid or not," says Butler.

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