Man finds boa in bathroom

RICHMOND, VA (WTVR/CNN) - A Virginia man was startled after he discovered a snake in his bathroom.

"I woke up, but I know I see what I see," said Barrett Edwards. "And I watched it for like a couple minutes trying to figure out what I was going to do."

A 3' boa constrictor was coiled up on top of the vent in the bathroom. He said he ran downstairs and dialed 911, and the police came and captured the snake.

Apparently, the snake coiled under a chair that was given to the Edwards by a friend. Around the same time the friend gave the chair to Edwards, his pet boa went missing.

"They're always going to try to find a way to get out, so it's important to secure the top of the cage no matter the size of the animal," said a pet store employee.

The snake is back with its owner of two years, who says he is taking him back to the pet store to keep his infant son out of danger.

"It was funny then, but at first, it was scary; real scary," Edwards said.

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