Parking overflow in Avondale has homeowners on the offensive

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - It's Friday night. Bill Davis is talking to his neighbors on Tall Oaks Avenue in the Avondale area of West Ashley. The conversation is stopped every time a car turns down his street. The growing problem of overflow parking has him on edge and he's hit his boiling point.

"One of the worst things about it is I've become my father," says Davis. "I stand out in the yard and yell at cars."

Davis has a great sense of humor but when it comes to the dilemma in his Avondale neighborhood that has turned his neighbors yards into parking lots, it's no laughing matter.

"On Friday night usually it's a wall of cars parked illegally in my neighbors yards," says Davis.

The Avondale homeowner lives a stones throw from an up and coming West Ashley hot spot. Popular restaurants line the streets, bars light up at night and a new Mellow Mushroom bring in the crowds. But with people comes their cars and with parking scarce to begin in the area, Davis says the spillover is collecting on private property and is getting out of hand.

"Its going up two and three streets, going five, six, seven blocks," says Davis.

After the problem has gotten worse over the last five years, neighbors have started doing anything the can to fix the problem.

Davis points at a trash can sitting curbside saying, "this is a tactical device. This is more than just a county trash can. People put these out in their yard to make sure people don't park there."

Davis says he spoke with the owner of the strip mall in Avondale and they crunched the numbers.
He says there's 400 possible dining seats in the area but only 120 legal spaces to park around the shops.

"We don't want to cause these businesses any problems we want them to have massive success," he says. "But at the same time we don't want it to be at our expense. We want them to find places to park these guys."

Even though Mellow Mushroom hired a valet service to ease the community pain on the issue but Davis says there's an easier solution.

"If a balance can be struck where those merchants can have their success and we can have our quality of life," says Davis.

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