SCE&G Spring/Summer Energy Savings Tips

Use Energy Wisely
Let SCE&G help you take control of your energy bills. To get you started, we've  compiled a variety of tips to help you be more energy efficient. You'll be surprised at how much you can save just by making a few changes in how you live and work.

10 Ways to Save Energy this Spring & Summer:

  1. When it's not in use, turn it OFF! (lights, TV's, computers, etc.)
  2. The best setting for your thermostat is 78. Each degree lower than that can significantly increase your cooling costs, especially in older homes with less thermal efficiency.
  3. Programmable thermostats allow you to conveniently maintain the comfort of your home when you're there and reduce energy costs when you're not. Make sure to install a thermostat compatible with your HVAC system.
  4. Check home air filters monthly and change when dirty. Adequate air flow through a cooling system is critical to ensure efficient and comfortable operation.
  5. To protect your home from cooling loss; caulk, seal and weather-strip around all seams, cracks, and openings. Pay special attention around windows and exterior doors.
  6. Upgrade your attic insulation to a minimum of 12 inches (R-38). This can help you significantly save on your cooling costs.
  7. Use fans in place of or as a supplement to air conditioning. This will allow you to increase the thermostat setting and still be comfortable. Turn them off when leave the room.
  8. Keep window coverings closed on the east, west and south windows to keep the heat out.
  9. Set your water heater temperature at 120°F. Also, consider adding a water heater tank insulation wrap.
  10. Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's). They use up to 75% less energy.

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