Two masked men rob Berkeley Electric Co-op office at gunpoint

Published: Jun. 8, 2011 at 7:52 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 9, 2011 at 5:29 PM EDT
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A spokesman for the Berkeley Electric Co-op says that their Awendaw office was robbed by two suspects both armed with a gun.

The incident happened at around 3:15 Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that once the two suspects entered the Co-op, one suspect began searching the building for other people, the other suspect pointed a silver gun at a witness behind a cash register and demanded all of the money. The suspect then put a black bag on the counter.

The other suspect, after searching the building, jumped on the counter and told another witness to "give me all of the money". After the suspects got the money, they ran out of the front door. Officials say that no witnesses were hurt during the robbery.

Although they were wearing ski masks, witnesses describe the two suspects as black males. They were both wearing gray shirts, and had on white gloves. One witness states that he saw three 'x' tattoos on one of the suspect's wrist. Witnesses told police that they did not know which direction the two gunmen fled.

If you have any information on this incident please call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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