Upper King Street studio becomes haven for artists

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tivoli studio may sit in a back lot off upper King Street, but it aims to bring art to the forefront of the Charleston scene.

Individual rooms in the studio are rented to local artists, allowing them to have a space to create while in the presence of other fellow artists.

"It's different because it's contemporary I think, and there's sawdust on the ground," said Dan Dickey, one of a dozen artists who rents a room at Tivoli. "We get to check out other styles and that will definitely influence you too, and it's nice to have friends around while you're painting."

Tivoli founder, Nicholas Roberts, started this modern artist colony last year after getting laid off from a job in education.

"I wanted to have a shared space where I could ultimately work around other artists and kind of benefit from the synergy that seems to develop being around that many talented, creative people," said Roberts

More than a year has passed since Tivoli opened its doors to local artists. So far, the community has embraced the art being churned out into Charleston.

"We moved here from New York about a year and a half ago and there was this burgeoning art scene," said Eric Thome, an art enthusiast. " So to move here and see that here and we like it so much in New York, and to see that there's an opportunity here to be part of that art scene. It's fun."

"I do think that for me at least the ultimate goal is to create a trampoline of sorts for anyone that has a creative desire or goal to use Tivoli to spring off of and to pursue whatever their creative passion might be," said Roberts

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