HAMPTON COUNTY, SC (WTOC / WCSC) - An escaped inmate is in custody after authorities say the suspect led deputies on a short chase into Colleton County after he stole a car and attempted to make a break earlier Saturday morning.

Authorities say 37-year-old Perry Sullivan was caught around 9:30a.m. Saturday at the intersections of 641 and 601.

The arrest comes after the armed escapee evaded police in Sycamore late Friday night at a road check point and was on the run since he overpowered a deputy Thursday during a prisoner transport.

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An Allendale Sheriff's Office spokesman says the escapee car jacked a woman at a convenience store in Sycamore. Sullivan was chased into Colleton County where police finally arrested him.

Officers recovered a weapon stolen from a deputy in the initial incident Thursday and Sullivan is currently being transported to the Hampton County Detention Center.

Before the arrest, Sullivan was last seen by police at a road check on US 321 in a stolen truck. Authorities say the truck stopped before a checkpoint setup by the 14th Judicial Law Enforcement network.

Authorities say the truck was stolen from a peanut farm five miles away. The spokesperson says the truck was rammed through a gate on the property.

Authorities say 37-year-old Perry Alton Sullivan is once again on foot, this time in the woods near Sycamore where helicopters and blood hounds are searching the area.

Law enforcement officials from at least a dozen agencies are trying to find Sullivan into the night.

Police surrounded a cemetery Friday morning in the town of Fairfax. They wore bullet proof vests, well aware that Sullivan has at least one, maybe two guns. The search area is just down the street from where authorities say Sullivan tried to carjack a woman off of Highway 321 in Fairfax.

"Obviously he's trying to get a vehicle to get out of the area," Robinson said.

He allegedly held a gun to the woman's head while she was at a stop sign, but she was able to speed off and was not injured.

"The dog team is in there. That's why we have the perimeter set up. We're just allowing the tracking team to go in so they can get on him," Robinson said.

Sullivan was being taken from Colleton County to Georgia on Thursday when he attacked the deputy and took his car and two guns. The car was found and now authorities want to find Sullivan before someone else gets hurt or worse.

"The individual (Friday) morning he attempted to carjack said he pointed a gun at her so obviously he still has the deputy's weapons," said Lt. Steven Robinson with the Allendale County Sheriff's Office.

Robinson says deputies plan to stay right where they are until they find Sullivan, who is believed to be armed with two guns that belong to the deputy who was taking him to Georgia.

The sheriff's spokesman says Sullivan managed to change to a red shirt after he escaped. He doesn't know where Sullivan got that shirt.

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