Dispelling myths about the flu vaccination

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The new movie Contagion might have some watchers clenching their seats or running to the bathroom to wash their hands.

While the movie is based on a made-up infectious disease a common real life virus that many over-look is claiming people's lives.

The center for disease control released a study saying 115 children under the age of 18 died from the flu last year. Only 17 of them had received a flu vaccination that year.

Dr. Deborah Younger who has been practicing medicine for over 20 years says your best bet to prevent the flu is getting the shot. However, a few myths may have people thinking twice before walking into their local clinic.

Myth 1: the flu vaccine can give you the flu because it contains a live flu virus.

It's not a live virus, so you're not going to get the flu from the vaccine. Every year they do a lot of research to find out which strands of the flu are out", said Doctor Younger.

Myth 2: You can skip years in between flu vaccinations.

Not so according to Dr. Younger, in fact child as young as the age of 6 months should have one every year. "They need to see their pediatrician. if they had the flu shot last year, they only need to get one this year. if they didn't then they need two."

 Myth 3: If you haven't gotten the seasonal flu vaccine by November, there's no point in getting vaccinated.

Dr. Younger says it's never too late, but some clinics might run low on the vaccine by November.

"Usually starts in October, but I've seen seasons that didn't start till January and lasted through may," said Dr. Younger.

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