Auditor hoping to mail out car tax bills Friday

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Auditor Peggy Moseley said Tuesday personal property tax bills for cars may be mailed out Friday if glitches are worked out with the county's new computer system.

Moseley has refused to mail out the October bills because of incorrect information on the bills she said were caused by the new software.

"It could turn up someone who owned the property many years ago, the amounts could be wrong," said Moseley. "Just glitches the computer system has picked up the wrong information."

A representative of the company that makes the software for the new system was in the auditors office Tuesday trying to fix the problem and then testing the software, by printing out a few hundred tax bills, hoping they will come out with the right information on the bills.

Moseley said the testing turned up some more problems, but she's still optimistic.

"We're hoping that by Friday it will come back positive, that we can mail them out and then of course the taxpayer will have until the end of October to pay that October tax bill."

Moseley said if the bills have to be delayed even longer, she will work with the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure no one is penalized for having to pay their October tax bill late.

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