High School coaches help County drive down costs

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - High School coaches are driven to win but now they're also driving their players to and from the playing field. In Berkeley County, it's not all about wins and losses anymore, it's about dollars and cents.

"The times that we're in everybody's looking to save money," says Goose Creek athletic director and head football coach Chuck Reedy.

To reduce costs after budget reductions throughout Berkeley County, officials made the switch from district bus drivers carting student-athletes to games to the schools head coaches.

Goose Creek head baseball coach Scott Durham was called on to get his commercial drivers license along with six other coaches at the school because of the change.

"You do a week in the classroom then 10 hours on the bus," says Durham. And after the classes and a test, there was no longer a need to pay hourly district drivers overtime in the County.

The change in systems has already saved Berkeley County a lot of money. 
Officials say driving to football, baseball and basketball away games alone could potentially save the $40,000.

"With some of the savings they were able to purchase activity buses for all the schools," says Reedy. "It's been a win - win for the district and I certainly think its been a win - win for us."

Before the coaches drove their teams to games, Reedy says the driving situation was a headache.
"It was a constant problem for us to get our teams to events on time," says the coach. "We were having to wait on drivers and sometimes we didn't have buses available until they got off their routes. So this has basically eliminated that problem for us."

But for some coaches like Durham, who drives his team to away baseball games, there are drawbacks even though he thinks the pros outweigh the cons.

"Normally if I ride on the bus to the games I'm thinking about my lineup," says Durham. "But instead I'm driving and I've got to focus on the road and I've got 18 to 20 young lives that are in my hands so I'm going to be completely focused on driving. I can't necessarily focus on the things I would normally do."

Berkeley County provides all classroom and behind the wheel training for their coaches and also covers them on the county insurance once they receive their CDL's.

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