Mount Pleasant violent crime rates on the rise

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A deadly stabbing, an attempted murder and armed robbery, it all happened in Mount Pleasant recently, and new crime statistics show a rise in violence in the area.

Police responded to the fatal stabbing happened at Wal-Mart in the Market at Oakland Plaza.

The most recent FBI statistics show violent crime in Mount Pleasant is on the rise. There were 224 reported violent crimes peaking in 2007, then a decline through 2009. Numbers in 2010 show a jump, from 139 reported crimes to 155.

Violent crime includes aggravated assault, which was the most reported crime, robbery, rape, and murder. Stats show three murders in Mount Pleasant in a four-year time span.

Police spokesman Captain Stan Gragg tells Live 5 News that most of the aggravated assaults involve people who know each other, and to keep crime down, police will target repeat offenders.

Some residents say even though the number of violent crimes is up, they still feel safe living or doing business in Mount Pleasant.

"I haven't experienced crime and I am not particularly concerned about the small increase," Robert Reilly said.

"I'm not that worried about it. That was one incident that was pinpointed for just one person. I watch my back being that I'm female. Other than that I don't worry about it too much," Trina Williams said.

There has been a steady population increase in Mount Pleasant, growing by more than 10,000 residents from 2005 through 2010. Stats show despite the small jump in violent crime 2010, there was a small decrease in property crime.

The Town of Mount Pleasant Police department released this statement regarding crime rates from 2005 to 2010:

"Although there have been fluctuations during this period the Mount Pleasant Police Department is extremely proud of the efforts to make the Town of Mount Pleasant a very safe place to live, work, and visit."

They say overall in that time period violent crime has dropped nearly 4 percent.

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