Ghost hunting TV show takes over old Charleston jail

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Several ghost hunters from the Travel Channel are in Charleston this week to see if they can document any paranormal activity at one of the Holy City's most haunted locations, the Old City Jail.

Ghost hunting went from having an experience to a full on obsession for the hosts of Ghosts Adventures of the Travel Channel. For Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff, ghost hunting turned from obsession to a full time job.

"Death is a mysterious thing that is all of our fate, and we wanna know what happens after that," said host of the show Zac Bagans.

The group is in Charleston to visit what they say is the most haunted place in the 300-year-old city; the old abandoned jail.

"We have a lot of equipment. The first half hour we'll set up our x cameras, let them soak, sometimes we'll put equipment out and see if ghosts will manifest and trigger these emf devices," Bagans said.

Built in 1802, the jail housed thousands of inmates throughout the years.  It's been reported that more than 14,000 people died within its walls on Magazine Street. The hosts were looking for one inmate in particular. Levinia Fisher has been considered the first female serial killer in Charleston.  It is believed she still haunts the old jail.

"She was this young beautiful murderess that everyone was intrigued with," said John La Vern, a tour guide with a wealth of knowledge about the jail's history.

Fisher was convicted of killing at least 12 people. She spent five months in the jail with over 500 male inmates. She and her husband were sent to trial where they were found guilty of murdering innocent people and hiding them under their bed and breakfast.

Fisher was hanged in public. It is rumored that her famous last words were "If any of you have a message for the devil, tell me, because in a moment I'll be seeing him."

"I want to meet her," Bragans said. "Everybody has their thing and I want to meet her."

The hosts will be spending the night at the jail Wednesday and the show will air in December.

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