Congressman target of assassination threat

(Photo: WQAD/CNN)
(Photo: WQAD/CNN)

ROCK ISLAND, IL (WQAD/CNN) - The FBI is investigating an online threat that called for the assassination of an Illinois congressman for a cash "reward."

Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL) was the only congress member specifically named in a message that reached the man through a Google Alert which said, "I will pay $75,000 for assassinating Illinois Congresswoman Bobby Schilling and others."

"I was like, whoa, wait a minute," Schilling said.

He canceled an appearance at a Moline firefighter's news conference in response to the news.

"I'm supposed to kind of lay low, not really go out in public," Schilling said. "We had the Sheriff's Department at our house pretty much all morning."

Federal authorities are taking the threat seriously after the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Jan. 8.

"You just don't know what people are thinking," Schilling said.

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