Webb telescope to see to dawn of creation

(Photo: CNN)
(Photo: CNN)

(CNN) - NASA is working on a telescope that could change the way we see the universe and makes the Hubble space telescope look like a toy - with a price to match.

The James Webb telescope is expected to be able to look back to the dawn of creation, much further than the Hubble telescope.

"The James Webb Telescope is to help us find our entire history from the first things after the Big Bang, to how the first galaxies are born," said John Mather, the telescope's senior project scientist.

Scientists are also hoping to find clues as to the existence of life in another solar system with the machine.

However, when Webb is finally launched in 2018, it will be years behind schedule and cost about $8.8 billion, $6.5 billion than the original estimate.

"When you're doing inventions and things for the first time, you don't know exactly what you're going to run into and we found several things we had to work around," said Rick Howard, the program director for Webb.

Webb will orbit about one million miles from Earth and will have the capabilities to look into gas and dust clouds at the birth of the first stars and planets.

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