Council taking another look at I-526 expansion project

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County Council members said they are taking another look at the Interstate 526 expansion project, even though they voted it down last Spring.

Vice chairman Elliott Summey said the state could move forward with the expansion plans, even without the county's support. He said that's why he hopes council can come up with a plan that everyone can agree on.

Summey said he wants council to have project alternatives on the table by February, even if it means coming up with a whole new proposal.

The county received $11.6 million for the road project, but when the council voted against the plan last April, the state demanded it's money back.

Summey said by taking the money in the first place, the county was agreeing to finish the project. He said it needs to live up to its obligation.

"I think it's awfully hypocritical for a local government to take state money and commit to doing something and then not follow through," Summey said.

The majority of council members said they voted the projected down because it wasn't what they thought residents wanted.

Tuesday night, some citizens urged council members to take action, saying their lives have been put on hold, waiting for the council to make a decision and stick to it.

Currently, the expressway ends in West Ashley, but was supposed to be extended onto Johns and James Islands.

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