Mt. Pleasant woman accused of performing sex acts after massages

Published: Dec. 7, 2011 at 4:55 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 12, 2011 at 9:19 PM EST
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MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a Mt. Pleasant woman told police that she did not think it was illegal to perform sexual acts on massage clients at her home if she asked permission first.

Dawn Marie McGovern was charged with prostitution last month after police say she was running an illegal massage parlor performing sexual acts on her clients at her home on Scranton Drive.

Mt. Pleasant police began an undercover investigation after a complaint was filed on Sept. 21 about possible prostitution activity going on at 3265 Scranton Drive by a concerned citizen.

According to an incident report, witnesses reported to police that numerous men were arriving at the residence and staying no longer than an hour before leaving. Police began surveilling the home and questioning the men as they left the residence. Officers determined that paid massages were being performed on men at the residence and the massages included sexual acts.

Investigators say they set up an appointment at the residence with "Brittan," and on Nov. 14 an undercover Mt. Pleasant police detective went to the Scranton Drive residence as a customer with $150. He was wired with an audio transmitting device and a video device. The detective rang the door bell and "Brittan," later identified as 40-year-old McGovern, answered the door.

According to the undercover detective, he was brought upstairs and into a room that had a massage table set up. The suspect began the massage wearing a blue skirt and suit jacket, but during the massage she began taking off articles of clothing until she was topless and wearing only a thong.

When the suspect finished the back massage, she asked the detective to turn over and began massaging his chest, arms and legs, according to the detective. The suspect then asked if there were any other places the detective would like to have massaged.

According to the report, the detective told her it was his first time doing something like this and told her he didn't know what else could be done. She then asked if he would be comfortable having his hip area massaged. He said yes. She removed the detective's underwear and began massaging his inner thighs, the report states.

She then asked if he would be comfortable with her massaging his penis. The detective again replied yes and she began to massage his private area. Shortly after, the detective told her he felt uncomfortable and ended the massage.

The detective then paid McGover $150 for the massage. After she accepted the money he presented his police badge and identified himself as a Mt. Pleasant police officer. McGovern was taken downstairs for questioning.

McGovern was charged with prostitution and operating a business without a license.Police say she advertised under the business names BMM Coastal LLC, Pampered Pets and Velvet Hands, Artistry and Eye Candy thru

According to police, McGovern said that after losing her job a few months ago she needed a way to support herself and pay child support. She said she was introduced to the line of work by a friend and did not think it was illegal as long as she asked permission first.

McGovern was issued two courtesy summons and has requested a jury trial.

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