Grassroots campaign office receives boost in support

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The voters in Iowa have spoken and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney leads the pack of presidential hopefuls with 30,015 votes. Just eight votes behind him candidate Rick Santorum.

"I was greatly impressed. I was surprised that it was so close between Romney and Santorum but I was pleased," said Kate Stanton a poll worker for the South Carolina primaries.

A contest close enough to excite voters here in the Lowcountry weeks before the South Carolina primary.

"And Rick Santorum had not had a turn yet, so last night was his turn," said Moore Quinn a potential Santorum supporter.

At Rick Santorum campaign headquarters office in Mount Pleasant doors were locked and the lights turned off. People in neighboring offices did not want to go on camera but said they heard a phone inside the campaign ringing, all morning. Campaign representatives said the entire Santorum staff is still traveling back from Iowa.

In West Ashley a grassroots Ron Paul Campaign site was flooded with calls overnight.

"Basically my phone melted down this morning," said James Trementozzi a campaign supporter.

Ron Paul received more than 26,000 votes in the caucus last night. Trementozzi said the feedback from last nights results were overwhelming for the small office. He said they will take all the local supporters they can get but, reminds potential volunteers there are no official Ron Paul campaign members in the office.

"We are grassroots, we do have some contact with the campaign but it is very limited. We do get some materials but they wont really indulge what they are going to do in South Carolina," said Trementozzi.

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