Oyster Festival traffic heavier than expected

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The 29th annual Lowcountry Oyster Festival was held Sunday in Mount Pleasant. Organizers expected more than 4,000 people to attend. In order to make it inside Boone Hall Plantation to eat the 80,000 pounds of fresh oysters on average, people said they waited 45 minutes to one hour to get to the gates of the plantation.

Each entrance to the event had at least two officers guiding traffic in and out of the festival. Both north and southbound roadways seemed to be bumper to bumper.

Officers in Mount Pleasant said even if you arrived before the event started you were bound to run into some traffic.

"When we got here at 9:30 this morning, that was the assigned time to get here, it was already backing up. We immediately got on our post and started to relieve as much traffic as possible. Longpoint Road [has] been much better this year as far as traffic I think. Highway 17 [has]  been just as bad as last year with the construction but there is only so much you can do with the lanes and traffic that you have," said Officer Christopher Rosier.

Exiting the oyster feast did not take as long as entering.  It took about 25 minutes to reach Highway 17 North. The proceeds of the oyster fest will benefit several local charities including, the Ronald McDonald House, Hospitality Heroes and Hollings Cancer Center.

Officers inside the event said there were no incidents to report, just a lot of people accidentally cutting themselves.

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