Report: Cop threatens Mt. Pleasant police after DUI arrest

John Woods (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)
John Woods (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston Police Department officer threatened Mt. Pleasant police after he was charged with DUI early Monday morning, a report states.

According to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department incident report, 28-year-old John Woods had a lot to say during his ride to the Charleston County Detention Center.

"Hey just one thing. I really (expletive) appreciate you doing this to me," Woods told a Mt. Pleasant Police officer." I would never have put you in this situation. I've been doing this five years and I've been with other officers in this situation and I didn't do this to them.  I hope you feel good about doing this."

Woods added, "I better not catch you in Charleston city."

Mt. Pleasant police say when the officer asked Woods what he meant, Woods turned around and did not respond.

The Charleston police officer has been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of the investigation, police spokesman Charles Francis said Monday. Police say they were informed by the Mount Pleasant Police Department that officers had charged Woods for driving under the influence.

Early Monday morning, a Mt. Pleasant police officer was traveling on Coleman Boulevard towards Ben Sawyer Boulevard when he saw a red Jeep Wrangler traveling 48 mph on a 35 mph speed zone.

Police said that when the Jeep ran a red light at an intersection, the officer activated his blue lights and pulled the vehicle over.

As Woods opened his wallet to retrieve documents, the Mt. Pleasant police officer noticed Woods' police badge and at that point Woods confirmed that he was a police officer for the Charleston Police Department.

The Mt. Pleasant Police officer said the he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Woods and asked Woods where he was coming from and if he had anything to drink.

Woods said that he was coming from 'Wild Wings' and said he had a couple of beers.

Police say that Woods passenger, who is also a Charleston Police Officer, said that he had six beers. Woods then said that he "probably had 5 or so."

The officer said he noticed that Woods eyes appeared bloodshot and glazed over. When the officer asked Woods if he was on any medication, Woods said, "Uhh, nothing that would affect me."

Police say Woods spoke with a slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol was coming from his mouth. Woods then asked the officer,"Is this your first?"

The officer then instructed Woods to recite the alphabet from D to R.

Woods then said, "Well can you do that?"

The officer then replied yes and asked him if he would like a demonstration.

Woods did not respond and stated, "You want me to say my ABC's?"

The officer then instructed him a second time and asked him if he would like to demonstrate it for him. Woods did not respond to the officer's question and began saying the alphabet.

Woods then stopped midway and paused for several seconds, police say. When asked if he wanted to try again, Woods replied, "Not really."

Police then conducted a walk and turn exercise on Woods who at one point had to catch his balance, a police report states. After another sobriety tests where the officer said Woods "swayed in a circular motion while standing" Woods was placed under arrest for DUI.

Woods' passenger was picked up by a friend because he said he was not comfortable driving.

At the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Woods said that a fellow officer was moving upstate and they were at "Wild Wings" celebrating. Woods said that he was not drinking the entire time, but did have around five beers. He also said he couldn't remember exactly how many and said he was sorry.

Police say Woods refused to take a breathalyzer test and said that he probably "should not have been driving tonight."

While officers were transporting Woods to Charleston County Jail, Woods began to talk to the arresting officer.

"Hey just one thing. I really (expletive) appreciate you doing this to me. I would never have put you in this situation," Woods said. "I've been doing this five years and I've been with other officers in this situation and I didn't do this to them. I hope you feel good about this."

When Woods arrived at the Charleston County Jail, he was searched by jail officers who found three unknown pills. Woods said that the pills were his prescription medications. Police said that Woods did not have a prescription bottle with him.

Woods has been with the Charleston Police Department since April 2007.

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