Teen uses Craigslist to steal motorcycle at gunpoint from newlyweds

Published: Mar. 8, 2012 at 6:59 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 9, 2012 at 12:56 PM EST
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Cathleen Walker-Salazar holds up a photo of the motorcycle stolen from her husband.
Cathleen Walker-Salazar holds up a photo of the motorcycle stolen from her husband.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators are on the lookout for a teenager who used Craigslist to steal a motorcycle at gunpoint Wednesday night in North Charleston. The victim and his wife were trying to sell the motorcycle to fix up their house after their recent marriage.

Officers responded to Dorchester Road in reference to a possible carjacking and motorcycle theft at gunpoint.

"We're newlyweds," said the victim's wife, Cathleen Walker-Salazar. "We just bought a house that has a lot of water and termite damage. We really need to fix it bad and this bike was going to help us do that."

In order to fix their house, the couple needed to sell the husband's bike, a 2005 Suzuki GSXR 75 with a custom orange and black flaming skulls paint job.

The Salazars posted an ad for the bike on Craigslist asking for $5,200. When an interested buyer responded Salazar thought their financial problem was solved.

The victim told police that he was contacted by someone over the phone around 6:43 p.m. They then agreed to meet at a Harley Davidson dealership on Dorchester Road.

"This guy called he said he was from out of town he asked my husband to meet him here at the Harley Davidson, he drove the bike up here to meet him," Walker-Salazar said.

When the victim arrived around 8:30 p.m., he saw a black older model Ford F-150 with a red front fender parked at the Paramount Street side of the parking lot and believed that there were two people inside.

The victim then parked his bike on the opposite side of the parking lot. A black male from the F-150 then approached the victim. When the suspect got close to the victim he pulled out a gun and told him to start walking.

At one point, the suspect yelled at the victim saying, "Run or I'll shoot your (expletive)!"

The victim then ran behind the dealership where he watched the suspect steal his motorcycle. The suspect was described the suspect as a young black male, 6-feet tall with dark clothes, a wave cap and a full beard.

The suspect drove the motorcycle onto I-526 toward Mount Pleasant followed by the accomplice in the truck. Police say the stole motorcycle is a 2005 Suzuki GSXR75 with vehicle identification number JS1GR7JA052107950.

"Everyone knows that there is crime out there, but no one ever realizes that this could happen to me and I think it was one of those moments," Walker-Salazar said.

Salazar says she has sold items on Craigslist before with no problems. North Charleston Police Detective James Walley says this is a Craigslist crime police have seen before. There are tips online sellers and buyers can use to protect themselves.

"Try to avoid especially buying something or selling something to someone who's not local," Walley said.

He suggests meeting people in daylight in well populated areas. He says never agree to meet at your house or theirs.

"And sometimes people think meeting in the back parking lot of the mall is a safe place, but sometimes that can be kind of deserted as well," Walley said.

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