Man, woman arrested on prostitution charges

Williams and Clark (Source: Charleston Co. Detention Center)
Williams and Clark (Source: Charleston Co. Detention Center)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police arrested a man and a woman on prostitution charges in downtown Charleston on Tuesday evening.

A Charleston Police Department officer said he was patrolling near Boyer Court and Romney Street when he saw a known prostitute climb into a parked blue Volvo SUV on Boyer Court.  The officer said he waited for five minutes before approaching the vehicle.

The officer said it was difficult to see inside the vehicle because the windows were fogged.  The report states 69-year-old James Edward Williams opened the car door and told police he just came to the woman up to take her to his house in Mt. Pleasant to take a shower.  When the man got out of the car, officers noted his pants zipper was down.

Police said Williams seemed very nervous and the woman in the car, 38-year-old Angela Clark, was heard loudly saying, "Don't lie to them!  You were just taking me to take a shower!"  

After a series of questions, Williams admitted to police he was trying to pay for sex.  The officer asked Williams if he was married, to which he replied, "Yeah, this is gonna be bad."

Both Williams and Clark were arrested for prostitution.  They are scheduled to appear in court next week.

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