Investigators analyzing evidence taken from missing woman's home

Investigators at Gayle McCaffrey's home on Friday.
Investigators at Gayle McCaffrey's home on Friday.
Deputies are searching the home of Robert McCaffrey, left, and his wife, Gayle McCaffrey, who has been missing since Saturday night.
Deputies are searching the home of Robert McCaffrey, left, and his wife, Gayle McCaffrey, who has been missing since Saturday night.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say they are now in the process of analyzing evidence that was taken from a missing woman's home in West Ashley.

Investigators with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office were seen Friday morning taking two bags of evidence from the West Ashley home of Gayle McCaffrey.

According to the sheriff's office, investigators searched McCaffrey's home on Friday and Thursday. Authorities say they have completed their investigation of the home and are now analyzing the evidence that was found.

McCaffrey's home on Limestone Boulevard in Drayton was surrounded by crime scene tape as deputies and police dogs searched the home hoping to find evidence of her whereabouts. Forensics experts searched the inside and outside of the house and a police dog sniffed for clues.

Gayle McCaffrey went missing five days ago. Her husband, Robert McCaffrey, reported her missing.

Deputies say they now have a person of interest in the case, but they aren't saying who that is. For now, the focus is shifting to the McCaffrey home.

"There's nothing in the residence to suggest that there was a struggle or anything like that, but again that does not mean there was nothing found in the residence that would help us in this investigation," said Deputy Chief John Clark.

Clark says the McCaffrey's West Ashley home is now the primary focus in the search for Gayle McCaffrey. Investigators say her husband, Robert McCaffrey is being uncooperative in the search, but others are not.

"We have identified some people that we are specifically talking to that have been providing us with information surrounding her disappearance some of this I can't go into," Clark said.

Deputies are also getting assistance from the Travelers Rest Police Department where Robert McCaffrey was given a speeding ticket early Sunday morning. McCaffrey told officers he drove to a family home in Easley after he and his wife got in an argument on Saturday. McCaffrey told officers he returned to Charleston around 6 a.m. Sunday.

"What has us concerned is the fact that Mr. McCafrrey was in Travelers Rest and the amount of time he spent up there," Clark said.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is also focusing on the typed letter allegedly left by Gayle McCaffrey before she disappeared.

"We have spoken with SLED," Clark said. "Their profiler is helping us with regard to that letter."

The car Robert McCaffrey drove to the Upstate is now in the custody of the sheriff's office. Deputies say this is still a missing persons case and they will continue to investigate anyone that had contact with Gayle McCaffrey in the week leading to her disappearance.

The couple's two children are now in the hands of Gayle's sister. A Charleston County judge gave custody to her this afternoon.

Robert McCaffrey was at the court appearance Thursday, but didn't speak. His lawyer told the judge that he agreed to give custody of his 10-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son to his sister-in-law, Debbie Pearson, for now.

The Department of Social Services took the children into custody on Sunday when Gayle was reported missing and the children were found at home alone.

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