Summerville businessman raises money for Trayvon Martin campaign

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A fundraising campaign for the Trayvon Martin killing has now spread to the Lowcountry. The deadly shooting created buzz at Michael Williams' barber shop.

"This story is just saddens me and is just kind of like gut wrenching. You know that this still goes on in today's society. It's not only about Trayvon. Just stop violence completely. It's just 2012 and we need to just quit it and come together to live as one human race." said Williams.

Authorities in Sanford, FL say 17-year-old Martin was unarmed, when a neighborhood watch man George Zimmerman shot and killed him, claiming it was self-defense. The incident spurred national outrage, prompting people to help.

Williams offered free haircuts in exchange for donations for Martin's family.

Across the country supporters are raising money for Martin's family, to help them fight the self- defense law that's kept Zimmerman out of jail after the deadly shooting.

"I want to see justice, and I want some recognition of the fact that we are people and we're not to be disposed of simply because the law says that or allows you to do it in such a way. That law is abominable and should be repealed," said Kenneth Brown.

Martin's mom and dad make regular appearances on national TV, bringing attention to the "Stand your Ground" law and fighting to see justice for their son.

"I just hope we as a human race come together and just realize we are killing each other for nothing, senseless acts of hate. It just doesn't make any sense and I hope we come together that it's time to stop it and love one another like God would want us to," said Williams.

Williams says they didn't set a goal for how much money they wanted to send to the Justice for Trayvon Martin campaign.

As of Tuesday afternoon they had $750 in donations.

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