One on one with the wicked witch of 'Wicked'

The star of the touring hit musical "Wicked" said Thursday getting painted green for the role helps her get into character mode.

Anne Brummel plays Elphaba who grows up to become the Wicked Witch of the West.

SHe has been part of the production for three and a half years.

"You sort of get to see what really wicked is about, sort of everything that happens before the Wizard of Oz," said Brummel.

"You get to meet Elphaba or ultimately the Wicked Witch of the West when she goes to boarding school and you get to see how she grows up and becomes who she is when you meet her in the Wizard of Oz."

To become Elphaba, Brummel literally has to go green.

A makeup artist gets her ready about an hour before the show.

"It's kind of relaxing. I don't have to do much, so it frees me up to just chill out," Brummel explained.

Brummel said the makeup helps her get into character mode.

"Once you get painted green, it's pretty hard not to become Elphaba. It's a part of why she is who she is."

But this witch doesn't wear an ugly nose.

"Elphaba is a pretty girl, she's very normal. The only thing that's different is that she happens to be green," Brummel said.

"She's the outcast, she's this weird green girl that no one knows quite what to do with."

"Wicked" performances will be held at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center through April 29.

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