Police: Duo yell racial slurs at family, use car to hit 16-year-old son

Jamey Marshall Koon and Melanie Dawn Steen
Jamey Marshall Koon and Melanie Dawn Steen

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say two people used their car to run a vehicle off I-26, yelled racial slurs at the victims then got back into their car and struck the victims' 16-year-old son.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 33-year-old Jamey Marshall Koon with attempted murder, driving under suspension and false information to police. Officers also charged 35-year-old Melanie Dawn Steen with first-degree assault and battery, driving under suspension and false information to police.

Early Friday morning, officers responded to the Kangaroo gas station at Dorchester Road and Woodlawn in regards to a road rage incident. Officers met with a 35-year-old woman who said that she and her family had just been involved in an incident where another car struck her vehicle and her son in the leg.

The victim said she and her family were driving home from work when she saw a Chrysler Sebring swerving all over the road. The victim said the car, driven by a woman with a male passenger, continued to swerve and almost struck several orange cones.

The victim said as she was driving, her husband, told her to pull over and let the suspects pass because they appeared to be drunk. According to police, before she could pull over, the suspect's vehicle hit her from behind.

A police report states that when the victims pulled over, the suspect's car pulled over and Steen came out holding a liquor bottle. Police say Steen was screaming at the victim and demanding for her to get out of the vehicle and fight her.

The victim said she and her family left their vehicle in an attempt to calm the situation down.

According to investigators, Steen started to yell racial slurs which caused the victim's family to get upset. The victim said that Koon got out of the vehicle and started to join in the "melee."

The victim's husband told police that when Koon left his vehicle, he moved to intercept him to protect his wife. The husband said that Koon then started to yell racial slurs, curse at him and then threw a liquor bottle at him.

Authorities say Koon then got in the driver's seat of the suspect's car, drove toward the victim's family and struck her son. According to police, Koon then did a U-turn on the interstate almost striking the median and positioned his car to hit the victim's car and push it into a ditch.

The victim said two other women left the suspect's vehicle and began throwing liquor bottles at her and her family and breaking the bottles to use as "sharp stabbing instruments."

Police say the victim was scared to stay on scene and managed to get her family back in her car. An incident report states that as the family was leaving, Koon drove his vehicle toward the victim's car in an attempt to hit them, but missed and drove into a ditch where the car got stuck.

The victims then drove to the Kangaroo gas station on Dorchester Road where they met with police. Officers say they found the 16-year-old son who couldn't walk due to an injury to his right knee. He was transported to Roper Hospital.

Officers report that the victim's car had some minor damage to the rear bumper and the tag light had been knocked loose. When police spoke to the suspects, officers say both suspects had varying accounts of the incident and told officers that everything was entirely the victim's fault.

Police say Koon originally gave police officers the name "John Ulness" and a false birth date.  After being arrested, officers say Koon then gave his correct name and information. Steen also told officers her name was "Jennifer Register" and also gave a false birth date.

Investigators say a check on both revealed that both suspects were driving under suspension.

Two other females in the suspect's car said they were assaulted by unknown members of the victim's family but both declined police assistance.

Both suspects were then transported to Charleston County Detention Center, where Koon and Steen then told detention center staff that they were involved in an accident. They were then transported to Roper Northwoods ER where they were cleared by hospital staff and transported back to the detention center.

Both suspects were given a $100,000 bond.

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