Bond set at $105k for woman accused of hiding pot in privates

Published: May. 4, 2012 at 5:23 PM EDT|Updated: May. 5, 2012 at 12:29 AM EDT
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Claunce Montrell Mazyck and Luwanda Evelyn Dargan
Claunce Montrell Mazyck and Luwanda Evelyn Dargan

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Bond was set at $105,000 for a 31-year-old Goose Creek woman accused of hiding marijuana in her vagina.

Luwanda Evelyn Dargan was charged with drug possession, unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a violent felony. North Charleston Police officials say a female jailer found 29.1 grams of marijuana in Dargan's vagina during a strip search at the Al Cannon Detention Center on Thursday.

Dargan was arrested along with 36-year-old Claunce Montrell Mazyck after a police officer said he saw Dargan smoking marijuana in a Buick along I-26 Thursday morning.

Around 9 a.m., a North Charleston police officer was traveling in an unmarked car on I-26 eastbound near Highway 78 when a gold Buick changed lanes directly in front of him with no turn signal.

The officer said he then saw the driver pass an item to the female passenger, and a short time later a large cloud of smoke came out of the passenger window. The officer said he immediately detected a strong smell of burnt marijuana.

Police say when the officer moved closer to the suspect's vehicle, a second cloud of smoke left the suspect's passenger window and the officer again detected marijuana. A police report states at this time, the driver noticed the uniformed police officer in the unmarked car, changed lanes and slowed down.

The officer said he saw the female passenger start slapping herself in the head "as if she knew they were in trouble."

As the suspect's car passed under the Ashley Phosphate overpass, the officer turned on his car's blue lights and stopped the suspect's vehicle.

According to investigators, when the officer approached the car, he saw a freshly lit incense stick in the ashtray and Mazyck smoking what appeared to be a Black and Mild cigar "attempting to mask the smell of marijuana."

The officer said he could still smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. Mazyck gave the officer a South Carolina driver's license identifying himself as "Michael Edward Walls."

When Dargan opened the glove box for the registration, the officer saw what appeared to be a black handgun. Dargan said it was a BB gun and the officer took then took the gun and saw indications that it was in fact an Airsoft gun with an orange indicator on the barrel.

The officer then asked Mazyck if there were any guns or drugs in the vehicle to which Mazyck replied no. The officer then told Mazyck that he detected an odor of burnt marijuana coming from the car. Mazyck said that the only thing he had been smoking was the cigar.

Mazyck also said that Dargan doesn't smoke since it makes her sick and that is why the incense was burning. The officer then spoke to Dargan, away from Mazyck, and asked her if there were guns or drugs in the vehicle. Dargan said she and Mazyck had just finished smoking marijuana and that's what he smelled. She told the officer that she threw the marijuana out the window.

The officer then told Dargan that he was going to do a search of the vehicle due to the smell of marijuana and the fact that she admitted to smoking marijuana. Dargan said, "That's fine."

When the officer told Mazyck about the marijuana, Mazyck did not respond. The officer said he then went into the vehicle and found a Ruger P94 .40 caliber gun in Dargan's purse. Dargan was handcuffed, advised of her Miranda Rights and said that she wanted to speak to the officer.

The officer asked who the gun belonged to and she said it was hers. She also told the officer she got the gun "a couple of minutes ago from a crackhead in Goose Creek for $30."

The officer said he was going to arrest her for unlawfully carrying of a pistol and asked if she wanted to tell the officer the truth. Dargan said that the gun was hers and that Mazyck had nothing to do with it.

Officers then located a wallet in the driver's seat and found a Georgia ID card with the name of Claunce Montrell Mazyck. Authorities compared the pictures to the SC license given earlier by Mazyck and said it was clear that Mazyck had provided the officer with someone else's identification.

When the officer confronted Mazyck regarding the ID, Mazyck said ,"Just take me to jail."

The officer then asked Mazyck if he was going to let Dargan take the gun charge and he said that he didn't know she had the gun "even though he had been with her for the last couple of days."

Officers conducted a check on Mazyck and found out that he did not have a current driver's license in South Carolina or Georgia.

Police say the officer made another attempt to speak with Dargan who police say changed her story. She told the officer that she had bought the gun several days ago "from a crackhead in Goose Creek for a '40 piece.' "

When the officer asked why she changed her story, Dargan said she was just holding it for a friend. Dargan told the officer that he was confusing her and that she was just trying to get her story straight.

Dargan told officers that Mazyck's name was "Michael Walls" and said that is what she has known him by for the last three months.

A police report states that Dargan's mother arrived on the scene and said she did not know where her daughter had gone wrong. The mother said she only knew Mazyck as "Cabbage."

Dargan and Mazyck were locked up at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

Investigators say that while Dargan was strip searched at the jail, one of the female jailers found 29.1 grams of marijuana in her vagina.

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