Army dad surprises kids at RiverDogs game

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Captain Angel Guzman is trading uniforms from Army green to RiverDog blue. It's no mid-season trade...he's suiting up for a big surprise.

"We've been lying to him we told him it's the end of the month. I guess we'll have to explain good lies versus bad lies to him now," said Guzman.

For the past 18 months Guzman's been serving as an army reserve soldier in Afghanistan away from his three children, AJ, Elyssa and Michael. After spending the last 24 hours in hiding not even a rain delay could stop him from catching their game opening pitch.

For returning troops like Guzman re-establishing family ties is one of the first things they are encouraged to do.

"When you're away compartmentalize. You have these boxes, you home life goes into one and the other is your deployment and your life as a soldier," said Guzman.

Tonya Lobbestael is the public affairs officer with the Charleston VA hospital. She said soldiers like Guzman who are just finishing active duty will be a part of a large number of troops coming home.

"Also with the announced draw down of troops there's a lot of folks. I'm hearing numbers like 70,000 just from the army alone coming off of active duty over the next three years," said Lobbestael.

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