Dash cam video released of Robert McCaffrey traffic stop

Published: May. 17, 2012 at 8:26 PM EDT|Updated: May. 18, 2012 at 1:34 AM EDT
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MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have released dash camera video of a police officer pulling over Robert McCaffrey in the Upstate the day he reported his wife, Gayle McCaffrey, missing.

In the newly released video a Traveler's Rest police officer notices McCaffrey's vehicle speeding and stops him on the side of the road. According to police, McCaffrey was going 65mph in a 45mph speed zone.

The traffic stop was on March 18, just hours before Robert McCaffrey alerted authorities to his wife's disappearance.

Watch the first part of the video here.

Traveler's Rest police officer Patrick Lavery says he caught Robert McCaffrey speeding around 2 a.m. in the Upstate. Lavery says when he walked towards the truck, McCaffrey apologized for going too fast and handed him a cell phone.

McCaffrey then told the officer to talk to the person on the other line to which the officer declined. According to Lavery, McCaffrey admitted he was having wife and girlfriend problems.

During the stop, Lavery spotted a gun in McCaffrey's truck.

"When all that was transpiring and he's getting out his license, digging for the information, that's when I first discovered the gun and first observed it on the center arm rest," Lavery said.

A Traveler's Rest Police Department report states that the officer saw the hand gun on the center arm rest. The officer then asked McCaffrey if he had been traveling with the gun there or if he had just removed it from the arm rest.

McCaffrey told the officer that he had just removed it from the arm rest.

Lavery said he ran the serial number on the gun, a Kahr 9mm, and it came back registered to McCaffrey. A police report states that the gun was loaded with every other bullet in the magazine having a blue plastic tip.

Charleston investigators say Robert McCaffrey told them he drove to Greenville County after he and Gayle had an argument on the night of Mar. 17. When he returned to their Limestone Boulevard home the next morning, he said his wife was gone, and had left behind a typed note.

"The contents of [that note] and what we're learning about both Bob McCaffrey and Gayle McCaffrey lead us to believe that the information in that note is bogus," Sheriff Al Cannon said.

Cannon said Robert McCaffrey went to meet a love interest in Greenville County that night, but the meeting didn't go as planned. He added that the love interest was cooperating with authorities.

The sheriff also said that all the evidence at this point is circumstantial

"I think there is a tremendous amount of information and evidence pointing to him," Cannon said. "But at this point, it's circumstantial."

Multiple searches in Charleston County for Gayle McCaffrey have turned up empty. The latest search was earlier this month where investigators searched an area near Drayton Hall Plantation but found nothing new.

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