Police searching for suspect in downtown home armed robbery

Published: May. 19, 2012 at 12:45 AM EDT|Updated: May. 19, 2012 at 3:05 AM EDT
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Trevar Lamar Kornickey
Trevar Lamar Kornickey

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators with the Charleston Police Department are looking for a 23-year-old man in connection to an armed robbery and assault at a home in downtown Thursday night.

Authorities are looking for Trevar Lamar Kornickey wanted for armed robbery, second-degree assault and battery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

It all started when officers responded to a burglary in progress at an apartment on Line Street. The witness called police and said that he had been chasing the suspects from the victim's home.

Authorities then met with the victim and the witness who officers say were sitting at the apartment's porch located on the second floor of the building. A police report states that the two men made no effort to flag down the officers or speak in any way to indicate that they needed help.

One of the officers then noticed that the victim was bleeding from the face and head. The officer saw a laceration on the top of the victim's head and saw a significant amount of blood coming from his nose.

Police say the victim's lips seemed to be swollen and bloodied as well. While EMS were on their way, officers asked both men questions regarding the incident.

The victim said that the witness contacted him and said he was going to come over with a couple of friends. When the witness arrived, another man, who the victim said he didn't know, also entered the home. A police report states that the victim asked the man where his friend was to which the man replied he was on the phone outside.

The witness said the man who was outside entered the home. The victim said both suspects then pointed guns at the victim and the witness. The suspects then began shouting profanities and demanded all the victims' money and everything they had.

Police report that the victim said that he did not have anything, but for some reason slipped and said "something to the effect, 'Please don't take my savings.'"

Authorities say the suspects then began going through the victim's belongings in his bedroom, locating cash and a black Dell laptop.

A police report states that at one point, the victim attempted to take away the suspect's gun after the suspect removed keys from the victim's belt. The victim said the suspect with dreadlocks, then hit him with a gun and shoved him through a closet door.

The suspects then took the cash and the laptop then fled the scene. The victim said he and the witness then ran after the two suspects but were unable to catch them.

A police report states that the witness gave a similar story to the events that took place. The witness said he remained on the couch during the incident due to the fact that one of the suspects, a heavier set man, had a gun pointed at him.

The witness said that he did not know the suspect who had him at gunpoint, but that the suspect with the dreadlocks is someone he knows from Reid Street as "Terrence."

Police say the witness was "incredibly uncooperative, elusive with information and generally difficult to deal with." According to police, the witness seemed to be withholding information and that the incident "seemed very suspicious." Police say the witness would not say how exactly he knew "Terrence."

Authorities say the witness later "changed his mind" and said that the suspect's name was "Trevor." The witness said that when the suspects left, he and the victim jumped from the second story balcony and chased the suspects. The officer said he saw two "very minor lacerations" on the witness' arms which the witness said must have come from the jump.

The witness said that the first suspect with dreadlocks was on a red and white bicycle and had a backpack while the second suspect had a green color beach cruiser style bicycle.

Police say the witness and victim ran after the suspects but lost them on Columbus Street.

According to a police report, both of the suspects were still armed when the victim and the witness chased them. The police report states that the chase was odd since both the witness and the victim said they "feared the suspects since they were armed with guns."

Investigators wrote in a police report that as the victim was telling officers what had happened, the victim had difficulty relaying the events in chronological order. The victim was transported to MUSC by EMS.

Police also reported that a strong and distinct smell of marijuana was coming from the home when they arrived and a closet door in the bedroom was found broken and on the ground. The victim and witness said that items in the bedroom were scattered around and knocked over due to the struggle that ensued.

The victim said the suspects had three guns including the victim's BB gun which the suspects found at the home. The victim described the suspect's weapons as a silver pistol and two black guns.

The first suspect is described as a black male in his early 20s with dreadlocks, 5'10", wearing a green shirt, black shorts and black and red shoes. Police describe the second suspect as a heavy set black male in his early 30s with a low haircut. He was described as wearing a black shirt and black shorts.

If you have any information you are asked to call police at (843) 577-7434.

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