Witnesses come forward in Summerville cold case

New information released in 2003 Summerville cold case
David Boone
David Boone
A sketch of the driver. (Source: SPD)
A sketch of the driver. (Source: SPD)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - John and Gloria Boone still live in the same Summerville home where their son was gunned down in their front yard almost nine years ago. It's a day still so fresh in their minds.

"She said,'Mom, Dad...someone shot David,'" Gloria said.

But, some news they've been waiting for about the day David died came on Wednesday with a knock at their door from a Summerville police detective with new information.

"It just felt so good, but now we need someone to identify that person," Gloria said.

That person is a sketch of a person involved in the shooting. He's the driver of a white SUV that pulled up and spoke to David as a passenger got out and fired off two shots.

It's the latest information released by the Summerville Police Department, who have been on the case since the beginning, particularly Capt. Jon Rogers.

"The case file sits in my office everyday," Rogers said. "A lot of folks didn't want to come forward and talk to us and we're hoping through time, that's eased a little and we can get some more people to come and talk to us."

"It's been in the forefront of my mind since Nov. 4, 2003," Rogers said. "It is the only unsolved homicide here in town and we want to bring closure to the Boone family."

For the better part of decade, the Boone's have kept their slain son's photo close at hand and their memories even closer.

"They can't take that away. They killed David but they can't take away the memories," Gloria said." That we still have in our heart and I thank god for that."

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