Lowcountry neighborhoods take a night to fight crime

Published: Aug. 8, 2012 at 3:12 AM EDT
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Charleston Police say a man with a knife tried to steal two containers of laundry detergent...
Charleston Police say a man with a knife tried to steal two containers of laundry detergent from a pharmacy.

"We want the neighborhood to know we want to keep the crime rate as low as possible."

Over a dozen communities are one, united in fighting crime. The 29th annual National Night Out involves over 10,000 communities taking a stand against criminals in their streets. Whether it is through walking, talking, or teaching,  everyone is standing up against crime.

"We want people to get to know each other, look out for each other, and have that sense of community to come together," said Lisa Lines of West Ashley.

Officers came to Wando Woods in North Charleston to teach, giving neighbors tips on fighting crime. It's as easy as keeping your community clean.

"Crime prevention by making your neighborhood look beautiful. not a fan of big fences. want everyone to look receptive," said a North Charleston officer.

They finished off the night with a walk through their streets; a message to send criminals running with every step. In Forest Hills, the National Night out has proven itself successful.

"The crime has decreased to almost nothing. We get crime reports as a community and we hardly see zone 7 anymore," said Trudy Coffee.

Its not just one night a year for them. They meet monthly in their brand new civic center with police.

"Everyone knows the presence of police working hand in hand with us is a win win situation," said Coffee.